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General Information:

Once you have spent time customizing your website to professionally and creatively complement and extend the unique message of your organization, you will want to make sure it is seen by as many visitors as possible.

At the basic level, you should include your website address on all of your marketing materials including:  all stationery such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and also all advertisements, sponsorship announcements, written articles and profiles that may be published about your organization, all marketing pieces such as brochures, slicks, flyers, direct mailed and web-mailed promotional pieces and giveaway products such as pens, cups, keychains etc.

At a higher level, you should seek to register your website address with any network organizations, business associates, vendor partnerships, or professional affiliations who may have a widely known web address.  It is advantageous to have your web address shown as links on other's websites representing your industry or affiliation, especially if  they have significantly more web traffic than your own website.  This can help drive hits to your site.  Just take care to ensure that any site which links your site to its own will fairly and appropriately represent your company.  Otherwise linking could be detrimental to your company's image.  

Information on Using 360-USA's Search Information Tools: 

NativeAmeriCom's system offers some unique tools that allow you to include MetaTag or Keyword information about your web page content for use by Search Engine companies.  Search Engine companies create indexes or directory listings for visitors to search and find information on companies, products, services or miscellaneous information.   The more links to your site and the more visitors who visit your site, the higher your listing will become in each search engine filter. 

The following steps will walk you through the process of optimizing your 360-USA website for submission to search engine companies and explain which steps you take and also what 360-USA does upon your registration of your site. 

Step One: (You)
Give your site a thorough review to ensure your site contains all the content you want it to have about your products or services and your company.  Be sure to delete any pre-filled content that is not applicable to your company (that would have come with your starting out template).  Make sure your home page contains some brief mention of all that your company offers.  The home page is the URL that is submitted for listing, however, many search engines scan deeper to interior pages of your site.
Step Two: (You)
Go to the Edit Menus link of each page and update the Title, Display, Description and Keywords fields with information specific to that page's content.  Some search engines scan information at the page level while others scan only the home page URL information displayed or the sitewide description and keywords fields (discussed in Step Three below).
Step Three: (You)
Now go and make sure you have updated the site-wide Description and Keywords fields located in Website Options, Default Meta Searhing Information section of the Administration Screen.  Choose Edit to make corrections.  This information will be utilized by 360-USA to provide general information about your company and its products or services to the Search Engines. 
Step Four: (You)
Send an email to support@360-USA.com telling us your name, company name,and domain you wish to be registered (usually your homepage URL). 
Step Five:  (360-USA)
  • 360-USA will then process your request and submit your website for registration with Google, a leading search engine database on which many other search engines are linked.  Please understand that once submitted, the search engine companies will review and "spider" your site and consider it for placement in their various indexes and listings.  This process may take several days. 
    Step Six:  (You, Optionally)
    For basic site submittals such as the one you are processing through 360-USA, these Search Engine companies do not guarantee a specific placement within their listings, however, priority placement may be available for an additional fee.  Please visit your search engine of choice for information about their priority placement fees and processes.  For additional information on Internet Marketing, click here.